Managed Code Versions of Apps V2.0

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Released: Nov 11, 2013
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Release Notes

Companion Project

Compact13MinShell Download If included in OS instead of MinShell then get these tools automatically added to the menu through registry settings.


ConsoleAppWithWindowTextl Download (Not included in above zip).
A native code console app that demonstrates how to give its Console's window text, the app's name. Useful with Task Manager app. Task Manager as implemented in these tools uses Windows' text name to identify apps. All Console apps by default have the name Console. This gets around that.


This version is the same as in the Source code.
You can get is from there via TFS or get the zip here and unzip it.

The folder Compact13Tools needs to be in <WINCE800ROOT>\3rdParty

eg C:\WINCE800\3rdParty\Compact13Tools has the folders
  • Bin
    • The built applications
    • The OS projects source them from here when they are built
  • Catalog
    • Catalog files for the OS Projects
    • This is the reason for the specific directory structure
    • When the Catalog is refreshed these need to 2 deep in \3rdParty or else they are ignored
  • OSProjects
    • The OS Subprojects that wrapper the apps, one for each app
  • VSProjects
    • Normal location of VS projects for apps, that build to the Bin directory
    • One sample VS C* project Compact13PrototypeApp that builds to the Bin directory is provided
    • Sources for other projects not yet public


- Compact13PrototypeApp is a partially implemented (but builds and runs) VS 2012 CF C# app with a matching OS Subproject that can be used as a basis for extra tools. It has File, Edit and Help menus.
- Some tidy up and fixes have been done including to the CoreCon project
- Can get bins or installers directly from the Source Code page

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