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Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Tools


  • Compact13TaskManager
  • Compact13Runapp
  • Compact13NotePad
  • Compact13WebBrowser
  • Compact13RegEdit
  • Compact13StartMenu

  • CoreCon3 (only in
  • TargetControl

App requirements

  • OS: Windows Embedded Compact 2013
  • CPU: x86 or ARM (Untested on ARM)
  • Managed Code OS components
    • ie. Compact Framework 3.9
  • For Compact13TaskManager: Courier New Fonts (All 4)

Types of downloads

  1. OS Components
  2. Apps only
  3. App installers

1. OS Components:

  • Each App packaged as an OS Catalog Third Party Project
  • All components zipped into one file
  • Usage:
    • Unzip file into temporary directory
    • Open folder created and copy contents to: <WINCEROOT>\3rdParty
    • Then refresh OS Catlalog
    • Select components under ThirdParty/Embedded101
    • Build OS
    • Run apps using Target Control etc or directly from \Windows


Add the component to the OS.
Its menu conditionally includes each of these components if included in the OS.

2. Apps only:

  • This is just the application executables ONLY all zipped up into the one zip file.
  • Usage:
    • Unzip and copy to exiting x86 or ARM OS ( in \Windows )
      • Run from \Windows
    • Or copy to the Flat Release directory of an OS under development
      • Run using Target Control etc.

3. App Installers:

  • Individual x86 installer for each app all zipped into one zip file.
  • Usage:
    • Copy to existing x86 OS and run installer.
    • Additionally requires OS to have Installer OS components
    • Run apps from \Windows


Console apps don't supply a name to the containing Console window.
The window that they run in has Console as its WindowText property.
Compact13TaskManager uses the WindowText property to identify and list apps.
This apps demonstrates a mechanism for a native code app to name its containing window with its app name. Unzip and copy to OS Subprojects folder.

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